YouTube Has Made Our Life’s Easy By Launching Auto-Caption In Spanish

Google is a big company, we all know that and from time to time they have launched news features to its sites. Now they have launched new feature that is Auto-Caption in Spanish language. This feature is based on voice recognition. 


We all know that Google has made everything so easy and useful for us and the company’s Motto is also.

“ To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

YouTube is another part of Google.

Now let’s talk about Auto-Caption thing, but first of all we should know that this feature was only available for videos that were available in English, Japanese and Korean.

The Question which will be coming into your mind would be what is an Automatic or Auto-Caption, let me tell you that it simply means that YouTube will translate your video’s audio, and show it as a text caption at the bottom of your videos so basically everyone was watched any video leaving that video is in which language rather I would say not only watch the video also understand what the speakers are talking about.


So now see what the benefits of this auto-caption are as follows.

1- This is best for people who are facing hearing problems.

2- If you have a sound problem in your system you may also benefit from this feature.

3- If you are in office and cannot turn the sound on your computer system you can also benefit from this feature too.

Google and YouTube will be soon adding this feature to every Spanish video, so we can benefit from this feature fully. As per according to Google more or less 157 million videos have this new feature and they are trying to add this closed auto-caption feature in every Spanish video. Thanks Google and YouTube who have made our life’s so easy and information in the form of text and videos so accessible.

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Image Credit: Rego

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