Windows Phone: Send Facebook Messages To Offline Contacts

Windows Phone has a very good overall layout and functionality. People generally like the feel of the OS and it’s considered quite elegant. Everyone absolutely loves how closely Twitter and Facebook are integrated in the OS.

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Sending Facebook messages is extremely easy with WP and you gotta love how it stores all your messages in neat SMS styled conversation layout. All these threaded messages can be accessed through the people hub.This little feature had one little minor but annoying problem. It would only send a message to the other guy when he was online. That means you cannot send a message unless the person you are going to send the message is online too.


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The phone would bring up a pop up that you cannot send a message and you should send a sms instead. And if you really wanted to send a Facebook message then you would have to open the Facebook app or open Facebook through the browser.

Users were fed up with this and suggested the WP developers to bring an update and remove this limitation. Their voice was ignored for a long time but now we are hearing news that finally Microsoft has silently fixed this problem. WM Power  user has noticed a report from Spanish Windows Phone community site, Mi Movil Windows, that this has been fixed.

Nothing much has really changed but still they can now send messages to offline contacts too. If you attempt to text an offline contact at first you get the same old message but when you ignore I you can send a message directly from the people hub to the Facebook contact and they will receive it whenever they are online. This is a small little feature but it avoids going through the hassle of opening up the stand alone Facebook app. Go and try it out now on your device!

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