Amazon Brings Unlocked Galaxy S III

The much hyped Galaxy S II was launched a few weeks back in the global launch event form Samsung. It took the mobile world by storm and met all our expectations. It brought some brand new features which took the word “smart” to a whole new level. Everyone is hoping it will do as well in sales as its predecessor the Galaxy S II.

The release of the phone and when it becomes available in the world wide market is important. We have told our users earlier that the device is now available for pre-order. You can read about it here: Samsung Galaxy S III available for pre-order in $799

The launch in America is not going to be very soon. This is worrying some consumers who want a new phone and are waiting for the S III. Some are even going for the HTC One X instead. You don’t worry about it. We have good news. The device is now available for pre order on Amazon and it can be bought from there. These devices will ship on 1st June and all you Android fans can enjoy this new super smartphone!


But still it’s not that easy. This unlocked version which will be available through Amazon will not work with all networks and you may face some problems with the connectivity being slow.

The version which we will get through Amazon will be a GSM device that would cut out a lot of networking options. A GSM version will obviously not work with it. Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel don’t support GSM so you can count them out. The problem remains with other networks too. AT&T and T-Mobile will support it but you won’t get access to their fastest networks. With AT&T you won’t be getting the HSPA+ network and the device won’t even work on its trade mark LTE. The case with T Mobile is the same too. NO HSPA+ network.

The device does have some amazing features. Are you looking forward to buying it?

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Source: cnet

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