Samsung’s GT-B5330 Packs ICS, QWERTY Keyboard [Leaked Photos]

Samsung has marked its position as the leader of the Android smartphone world lately, and, while a big part of its success comes from high-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3, entry-levels are still important too many people. This is the reason that Koreans are preoccupied with offering their users with decent low-end alternatives when the Galaxy Y, for example, used to ship in around 1.75 million units each month at the start of 2012. So if you do not want to wait for the first quarter of 2013 to get your hands on Research In Motion’s latest BlackBerry 10-powered devices, including one with a QWERTY keyboard, then you should look forward to Samsung’s QWERTY smartphone, currently in process.


The GT-B5330 has been spotted in China, so that’s probably the first market where it will be launched. The smartphone is expected to be cheap, but its price is unknown at the moment. The phone’s picture was leaked on Monday by SammyHub, but the specifications are still rumored. Users might be surprised by the two feature this phone holds and people on a budget will surely be attracted to this technology. The Features are not yet confirmed, but this information has been provided by reliable sources. We have some Chinese certification documents and we also have a GLBenchmark listing, which technically makes this phone confirmed.

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Its specifications will most probably include:

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • A low-resolution 320 x 240-pixel display
  • A 850MHz processor
  •  3G support
  • QVGA portrait display above its full QWERTY keyboard

However, the Android 2.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be old by the time this phone is available in the market, but it will still be strong software for an entry-level handheld. Plus, a physical QWERTY keyboard, it will be easier to handle and will attract many customers. Moreover, this phone is set to resemble to Sprint’s M580 Replenish.

The name of the phone has not yet been confirmed, but if the phone held a 1.2GHz single-core processor, and maybe a WVGA (or even 640 x 480), the GT-B5330 could be an exciting little model Because for some Samsung lovers, GT-B5330 might not seem that attractive.

There is a market for everything. With the right amount of advertisement and the right market being focused, this phone could be Samsung’s next step to prosper worldwide and to gather more customers. Making Samsung toe to toe with Apple.

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Via Source and Image Credit: engadget

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