Samsung Galaxy S III: Is that what it will be Called?

In just a few days time Samsung is going to revile their most awaited smart phone yet, the next Galaxy smart phone which will obviously be their next flagship device.


Everyone has been calling it Galaxy S III up till now on the web but we cannot be sure of what the device will actually be called. Today we are going to look at the possibilities of Samsung’s naming scheme for this new device.


Galaxy S III:

One thing is for sure: it is not going to be a new “series” of smart phones but it will be part of the already popular Galaxy series. The first Galaxy was the Galaxy S and the second one was called the Galaxy S II so the most probable name for the new device is Galaxy S III. This is a cool naming strategy as it is simpler and works out fine with the average users but still we can’t be sure if this is the name they will give.

Galaxy S 3:

Instead of the Roman numeral they just might want to go with the digit “3”. This will make things even simpler. We have seen “S 3” on many places on the web specifically in Samsung Kies.

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The New Galaxy/The Next Galaxy/Galaxy Next:

samsung galaxy

At the moment Samsung is just referring to the device as the next Galaxy. Apple surprised its users by naming the to-be iPad 3 “The Next iPad”. This was a shock because no one was expecting them to call it that.

Samsung Galaxy:

The amount of hype that has been created for this phone is massive! They might even want to call it just the Samsung Galaxy!!

Galaxy Naming:

This is a comment which I found on another blog. I think it’s quite an idea:

“They should call it Samsung Quasar, Samsung Andromeda or Samsung Hydra. Galaxies have awesome names; Samsung should simply use the most awesome galaxy names. That I think brings the best marketing, best market positioning, makes each generation more special, more desirable, more durable, more valuable as new skews, new devices come out every 2 weeks.”

Final Words:

I think that they will name it either S3 or S III. Another user opinion:

“I think it will still be S3 , given the date they will release it. It resemble the name doesn’t it? “S 3″ to May 3 = “5.3″.2012. The five resembles a “S” to me.”

What do you think they’ll name it? Find out soon!

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