Latest version of RedSn0w 0.9.13dev1 Can Now Jailbreak iOS 6 On A4 devices

Big news we all were talking at the end of Worldwide Developers Conference  is now confirmed as the first Beta version of iOS 6 has been pre-released so that we can see what are the actual facts and figures about this iOS. Few things which we were expecting in this software are true and so are just rumors.

 iOS6 beta

Now we can Jailbreak all devices like iPhone 4, iPod touch 4g and even iPhone 3GS with the help of currently released RedsnOw 0.9.13dev1, but this will be only Tethered jailbreak as whenever your device goes off you have plug in the computer and run RedsnOw in order to turn the device on.

Now Let’s talk about that features which we should see or we will notice when we jailbreak our phone. The first and important thing is Cydia won’t be installed after the jailbreak, secondly this jailbreak version of RedSnOw only supports A4 devices and below like iPhone 4, iPod touch and even iPhone 3GS, third thing is that iOS 6 is only available for the registered members/Developers of Dev Center only lastly Hacktivation is also not supported.

Just before we go in detail of the jailbreak process I should say that jailbreak is useful for the developers to rectify bugs that are present in their applications/software’s/tweaks.


Now we will explain in detail how to actually jailbreak your iOS device by using latest RedSnOw 0.9.13dev1.

Step 1: In the first step you would be downloading the latest version of RedSnOw that is compatible with your operating system (Windows/Mac)

Step 2: Once you have downloaded that now you have to unzip/extract file and save them on your system.

Step 3: Now is the important step in which you would be downloading iOS 6 Beta IPSW, we recommend that you should only download it from Dev Center and also download the appropriate software for your device. Once you have downloaded the firmware you can either upload firmware with help of iTunes or Xcode, but I can’t in any case you have to first plug in your device with computer.

Step 4: Before, you just start the whole process run the RedSnOw file and Click Extra’s and before selecting “select IPSW” icon then you can locate the firmware file from your system that iOS 6 file.

Step 5: Once all of the above things are done now you can click Jailbreak button, which is present on the main interface of RedSnOw.

Step 6: Important thing is that you have put your phone while connected with system into DFU mode so that the whole jailbreak process can be done smoothly. Once you connect your device in DFU mode RedSnOw will detect it and then jailbreak process will start and it will guide you about what you have to do step-by-step.

Important Things in the whole process are 1- You have to take a back up of your device before doing the Jailbreak and we recommend that you should back up your device with iCloud’s. 2- This jailbreak would be tethered meaning that you have to plug into your computer every time your device goes off and run RedSnOw to boot your device.

Cydia is not installed with this jailbreak as it hasn’t be developed for this firmware yet. Stay tuned for any more news about jailbreak.

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