iPhone 5 Rumor Mill Starts Again, New Dock And Bigger Screen

The talk is about the big Galaxy S III today but we can have a chat about iPhone 5 too. Right? We can always talk about Apple if you know what I mean. So rumors have started again. The iPhone 4S was actually going to be iPhone 5 according to “rumors”. It was rumored to have a laser keypad and loads of unbelievable features. This time the rumor mill is keeping it a bit low. No more talking about card thin iPhone with laser keypads. Now people are being a bit realistic. We have news though of a few features that might actually come in the next iPhone.

iPhone 5

This time most of the rumors are coming from the “iLounge” blog. According to them iPhone 5 is going to have a bigger screen of almost 4 inches. It will also be a bit thinner. The front of the device is rumored to look the same as the previous model. They are going to have a 10mm larger screen and a 2mm thinner screen. They say that the new iPhone will launch this fall. Another cool thing is that they are going to use Gorilla Glass 2 technology in building the screen of the new iPhone. The width is rumored to be of the same size.

This news is hard for absorb for me because I still cannot imagine Apple changing the iPhone’s aspect ratio. That will create problems for developers and Apple really doesn’t want that! They have also given other news which is a bit hard to absorb. They say that Apple is going to bring a new dock connector, a connector with lesser pins.

They will roll it out to all their new devices. This is quite surprising because Apple doesn’t usually change these kinds of things. They want to keep it all the same.

What do you think about this news? Do you think they will not keep the same aspect ratio anymore?

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