Intsagram: Grows To 50 Million Users, Facebook Proud

Instagram has really been in the news the previous month. First it launched an Android app which gave birth to a huge number of Instagram haters and an even more huge number of fans. Android guys loved it and a few iPhone fan boys started hating it. Then Facebook bought the company for a mammoth one Billion Dollars. It has seen a massive growth in users in the previous days and has made Facebook proud!

Instagram apps

Facebook itself has 800 million users and when it bought Instagram it had 30 million users. The instagram website still shows the number to be 30 million but that’s not right. The number has actually grown quite some bit! Through unofficial sources we have heard that now instagram has 50 million worldwide users who are actively using the photo sharing service!

We have got the news that Instagram is getting 5 million new users everyday! When it was released for Android it got 1 million downloads in the first day. And a total of 5 million downloads!

Fox289 was the user name of Instagram’s 50 millionth user we have come to know. Facebook definitely had something in mind when they bought Instagram! The news first came out on Instagrams API website.

Angry Birds space also hit the 50 million mark recently and Zynga’s draw something app too. These numbers are getting bigger everyday! If you don’t know about Instagram yet then let me tell you a bit about it. It is basically a photo sharing service on which you can make an account and share photos direct to Twitter, Facebook and flickr through your smart phone. It also allows its users to add certain effects and filters. It can make a worthless picture better through easy editing.

What do you think of this sudden staggering growth of the app? How does it Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

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