Instagram: Now Available in the Android Market

For all the photo lovers, we have exciting news. The Instagram is now also accessible in the Android Market. Well yes, Instagram has accomplished a grand deal in its petite history. However, the task to tackle the Android market is still to go. The Android edition of Instagram will however, certainly widen Instagram’s user base.

Available in the Android Market

So the Instagram has finally hit the Android platform. The popular photo-sharing service is on its journey of taking names for the interested ones. Well Instagram needs no introduction I hope. However, for those to whom the word is new, then let us tell them that Istagram is a big platform for photo manias. Instagram allows you with the ease to capture photos add filtered effects, create hash tags, and post images on Facebook and Twitter.



As a starter, you need to download the application and run the setup. Then just wait for the Instagram icon on your Android phone.

Then you need to search for your friends from the social networks that you operate.

Once you are through with adding your contacts, you will come across news feed that will be showing your recent photo activity.


 Using the application:

The application is verysimple and easy to use. Just follow our tutorial below and you will understand every tit bit of it.

Open Instagram. Now either capture a new photo or you can choose a photo from your existing photo library. Upload the picture. Now the application will permit you to move as well as scale your image.

There are icons present on the top navigation bar of the Instagram. The options allow you to add a border, rotate the image, and cancel out the navigation screen.

On the bottom, are located Instagram filters. They include the SF-inspired Valencia, Sutro and Brannan and the X-Pro.

Lux On Lux Off

Once you have completed the alterations, and need to post your picture, you just need to click on the green check mark.  Instagram also allows the input of a description, a hashtag for search. You can also geotag the photo, share on Facebook, Foursquare Tumblr, Posterous, Twitter, or even email

In order to share the photo click ‘Done’. Your photo will be posted to your Instagram feed.


 A little more brief about the application:

  • The Star icon brings you to the Instagram Popular page.
  • The ‘Heart Comment’ icon allows you to view ‘News’.
  • The ‘Index Card’ icon allows you to view your profile.

And that’s all! So go on to download the application and dazzle into the world of fun!

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