HTC One S: How To Root, Unlock, Recovery and Flashing a Custom ROM [Tutorial]

The HTC One S,  a thin 7.9 mm mobile that packs a 4.3 inch HD Amoled display, with a  dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, a camera bearing 8-mega pixels and 16GB of internal storage is just the most compact and handy android device that is being offered out in the markets today. The mobile runs Sense 4.0 over Android Ice Cream Sandwich the latest and most innovative OS available at the moment.We are quite aware of the fact that a lot of our folks must have by now bought or are preparing to acquire the new HTC One S. So for all those mobile lovers we have arranged a tutorial in which we have tried to demonstrate how to Root, Unlock, Recover and Flash a Custom ROM in HTC One S. This is a very useful tutorial when it comes to installing diverse convention ROMs onto your device.

Rooting the HTC One S actually unlocks a series of grand features: it will allow you to install Custom ROMS, hoard your application related data on your SD card thus getting rid of low internal memory messages and make use of extra overwhelming applications from the Google Play Store.

 Unlock, Recovery and Flashing


This post is entirely for education purpose and not to promote the violation of the restrictions and copyright of the concerned company. We publish guides after testing, but Defeasto will not be responsible in case of any damage to your device while following these instructions.

So if you wish to unlock, Root and recover in order to obtain a Custom ROM on your One S, and then just simply trail our easy how to tutorial below:

Step 1:  You will first need to unlock your device. For that you need to get registered at There you can unlock your boot loader by following the command that are given. However, incase if the One S model is not in the list then you can just pick “All Other Supported Models” option.

Step 2: Once unlocked you need to recover. For the recovery you will need to download the following:

 1) the Android SDK

2) the Interim CWM Touch Recovery of Paul

Step 3: Now place the CWM File with the fastboot.exe.

Step 4: Open the cmd and steer to the folder where the CWM File is placed

Step 5: once the file found, type:

fastboot flash recovery name_of_the_recovery.img

 For Paul’s:

 fastboot flash recovery r2-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-ville.img

Step 6: Now its time to root your device with the SuperSU by Chainfire. This needs to be downloaded.

Note: esure you are on the stock kernel!

Step 7: now turn your One S off.

Step 8: hold the VOL DOWN + Power button in order to boot into the Bootloader.

Step 9:  now you need to trail to Recovery by making use of the VOL and Power button

Step 10: now flash the .zip. For that you need to install zip from your SD card. Then choose zip from SD card.

Step 11: now select the file and flash it

Step 12: now finally reboot.

And that it! Go on and enjoy the new explored features!

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