Apple Users are in Rage Against Instagram For Android

Android is growing at a massive rate! At first Symbian was the killer OS but then Apple’s iOS took over. It was considered the most elite OS when Android was first launched but now things are changing. Android is challenging iOS for the top spot! Instagram has been in the news in the previous days after being launched for Android and being bought by Facebook.

Instagram for Android

Instagram was launched for Android a few weeks back and it has got millions of users mow on Android. At firs this app was just meant for iPhones, iPods and iPads. Only a small apple community used to use it for their photo sharing things. It’s a great app which lets its users share pictures and apply filters and do all sorts of fun things.

A large Apple community was against Instagram when they first launched it for Android. People who use Apples’ products consider themselves to be of a higher class as they pay more for the devices. They thick that a person with a below 200$ Android device should not get the same features. I personally think that this is just Apple fan boys being cry babies. Users started leaving Instagram forever in protest.

Some bloggers did post and call out for peace because at the end of the day Instagram remains a great way to share photos. This is just software market expansion and what would these people do if this is brought to Symbian or Windows Phone? As the days passed the anger faded out but still some top people left Instagram because of its expansion to Android.

Phil Schiller is one of the high profile users who have left Instagram due to Android. Phil is Apple’s senior vice president for marketing and he used to be a regular Instagram user. A reader of 9to5Mac noticed that Phil had deleted his Instagram account. He contacted him regarding this and Phil replied that he left because of the Android Instagram app. According to him Instagram had ‘jumped the shark’ by expanding to Android.

I think that an addition of 10 million Android users to Apples already 30 million users doesn’t really make much of a difference. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments.

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